Experts in different fields (linguists, psychologists, economists, etc.) are unanimous to the fact that the new philosophy to the study of man in science is bilingualism, multilingualism, and language. The ideas of A.V. Humboldt is one of the popular stands in this area, it says that “studying of language opens an analogy between the person and the world in general, and between each nation which is definitely expressing itself in the language”.
There is already a large body of literature related to the peculiarities of working with bilingual students; in this article we have limited ourselves merely to some technologies and tools involved in this work. Consideration of the specific of a bilingual child’s mentality – a person belonging to two different cultural worlds – is undoubtedly the corner stone of this study.
We present a series of innovative developments in our laboratory aimed at psycho-pedagogical support of natural bilinguals, the development of linguistic and extra-linguistic components of inter-cultural communicative competence, and the creation and updating of individual educational routine of bilinguals from preschool age to the age of 14. The practical value of these materials is that the possibility of its usage, lies not only in teachers‘ and methodologists‘ practice, but also in other research activities.


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Ekaterina L. Koudrjavtseva, Daniya A. Salimova*, Anastasiia Martínková. Innovative Tools for the Prevention of Psycho-Pedagogical Problems, for Bilinguals Aged 0 – 14 in the “Triangle of Mutual Safety Integration”. In: The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences EpSBS. Volume XII, Pages 1- 451 (July 2016). e-ISSN: 2357-1330. ©2016 Published by the Future Academy. Edited by:  Prof. Dr. Roza Valeeva, Kazan Federal University, Russia. Articles: 1-70. Conference: IFTE 2016 – 2nd International Forum on Teacher Education
Dates: 19-21 May 2016. Location: Kazan Federal University, Russia. Conference Chair(s): Rector Prof Dr Ilshat Gafurov, Kazan Federal University. http
:// . –  Pages 96-102.  

Innovative Tools for the Prevention of Psycho-Pedagogical Problems, for Bilinguals Aged 0 – 14 in the “Triangle of Mutual Safety Integration”